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Did you know that the Keenans still battle for legal custody of the minor child Alex?  Most can not imagine how large a financial burden this has been and continues to be for them.  My dream would be that the scum bag who is responsible would be actually working to help minimize some of those financial burdens.  I would have him working 16 hour days 6 days a week.  Penance on the seventh.    However in our adversarial and broken system the victims are essentially re-victimized and the perpetrator ‘rests’.   

The expenses that have come with this need to protect the child have not come easy or without significant financial burdens.  Further, in an endeavor to keep Julia’s wishes Alex is in the school she wished he be in.  Bless her soul for understanding the value of education.  

The adoption is still not final as the attorney’s ‘need’ thousands of dollars MORE to complete this process….while interest accrues (at a significant rate) on the legal debts accrued from pre-custody.  As parents we understand how much it costs to raise a child.  Having never (THANK GOD!) been in the Keenan’s shoes it is impossible to comprehend the legal burdens that have been added to the process.  Please, if there is any way you can, make a donation to help offset the costs.

May 29, 2010:  The legal change of custody of the biological child of Julia Dawson and Timothy Dawson:  Alex is still unfinished business.  The legal fees are simply out of reach for the Keenans.  How sad that our legal system provides Court appointed attorney's for the criminals and the victims are left to fend for them selves.   Please, I beg, make a contribution to this cause.  It is in the best interest of all involved.  Please watch for other ways that we will be forming to help not only the Keenans, but others in this situation (there are MANY!)

Please make your donations directly to the Keenans

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